Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Stages Protest in Jerusalem

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: Opus 3 Artists official website)

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has voiced its frustration over the inability to go back to the stage.

Members of the IPO have played a concert in front of the residence of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, in a sign of protest over his managing of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has also taken their concerns to social media by posting the video of the performance on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra stated that the fitness clubs, hotels, and restaurants had opened, but the cultural venues have remained closed. The orchestra has further clarified that it has attempted to organize the concerts under the most stringent COVID-19 rules, but was unable to do so.

“We can’t leave this stage empty,” concluded post on the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Facebook page.