Irene Theorin Gives Middle Finger to Booing Audience at Bayreuth Festival

By Francisco Salazar

The final performance of “Götterdämmerung” at the Bayreuth Festival saw Irene Theorin stick up her middle finger to the audience after boos erupted during her final curtain call.

According to reports, “first there were some boos for her and then pointing to people in the audience with a finger. She then raised her middle finger and the whole house booed back.”

Audience members who witnessed the account were in shock and some took to Twitter to say it was an inelegant gesture and unjustified.

This season the Bayreuth festival opened a new production of The Ring Cycle by Valentin Schwarz to mixed reviews and saw many critics note it was a muddle. OperaWire noted that the production ended in confusion and went nowhere.