Helios Opera to Premiere ‘Service Provider’

By David Salazar

Helios Opera is set to premiere “Service Provider” this November.

The opera film, which will premiere on Nov. 5 and will feature a followup presentation on Nov. 7, was created by Christopher Weiss and John de los Santos. Audiences can check out the film via Vimeo.

The work was directed by Adrienne Boris and featured Julien Rohel and Theodora Cottarel as co-directors of photography and editors. The opera film stars Christina Pecce, Scott Ballantine, Carina DiGianfilippo, and David Rivera Bozón.

“Helios is proud to produce the first filmed version of ‘Service Provider,’” Rohel noted in a press statement. “This format allowed the production team to showcase the characters’ backstories and motivations in a more three-dimensional way than live performance might allow. It also allowed our incredible performers the chance to explore an acting style that is more immediate and inspired by television acting.”

“Service Provider” was commissioned by the Washington National Opera in 2015 and has been presented by such companies as Seagle Music Colony, Hawaii Opera Theater, and UrbanAria.