Heather Green & Ljiljana Winkler Headline Composers Concordance & Eclectic Music eXtravaganza Concert

By Francisco Salazar

On Nov. 22, Composers Concordance & Eclectic Music eXtravaganza is set to present a chamber music event with an array of eclectic musicians.

The concert is set to be held at Hošek Contemporary Gallery, which is located on The Motor Ship Heimatland, on the Spree river in the middle of Berlin, Germany.

The program will feature sopranos Heather Green and Ljiljana Winkler, Peter Oswald on trumpet, pianist Felix Roemer, Christian Kuehn on electric guitar, artist/writer David Nicholson, drummer/EMX co-director Philipp Bernhardt, and composer/guitarist/co-director of both CompCord and EMX Gene Pritsker.

The music that will be performed includes three world premieres by Pritsker including ‘Pandemic Dance #15,’ for electric guitar and drum set; ‘Elegy,’ a prelude to a new opera he is writing with David Nicholson; and ‘overkYll,’ based on a poem by Anton Humpe. Other world premieres include ‘Star Song; A Lullaby’ by Heather Green, and ‘Hemorrhage’ by Christian Kuehn.

There will also be music by William Anderson, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Felix Roemer, and Will Rowe.