Handel + Hayden Society Launches ‘Hand(el) Washing’ Videos

By Logan Martell

As personal and social hygiene continues to be at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus, the Handel + Haydn Society has been releasing a series of videos titled “Hande(el) Washing,” providing musical accompaniment at the suggested length one should wash their hands to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

The videos feature artists from the H+H Society, performing extracts from works such as “Suite in F” and “Suite in D.” Among the artists featured in the videos include Alan Mclellan, Debra Nagy, Jon Santiago, Susanna Ogata Guy Fishman, Renee Hemsing, Laura Carlo, Jesse Levine, Bob Coughlin, Todd Williams, Chriss Voss, Aisslinn Nosky, and Harry Christophers.

You can watch the whole series here: handelandhaydn.org/handel-washing

The Handel + Haydn Society, based in Boston, performs Baroque and Classical music with a freshness, a vitality, and a creativity that inspires all ages. The organization has been around for 205 consecutive seasons.