Greek National Opera to Showcase World Premiere of ‘Inland’

By David Salazar
(Source: Official Website)

The Greek National Opera is set to present the world premiere of “Inland” starting on July 8, 2022.

The new opera by Angelos Triantafyllou features a libretto by Yannis Asteris. The opera will be conducted by Elias Voudouris and directed by Nikos Karathanos. The work aims to pay tribute to older men and women who live alone and explores such themes as loneliness, ill-health, and mortality, among others. The opera is structured around 15 vignettes and composed with a diverse group of people and age groups in mind.

The work will star Harris Andrianos, Theodora Baka,Yannis Kalyvas, Marina Krilovici, Kostis Rassidakis, and Giorgos Samartzis  alongside four other singers, all over 65-years-old, including Yola Alexopoulou-Gasparinatou, Gabriel Antonelos, Georgios Christoulas, and Lazaros Negas.

“From the start, my core inspiration was the death of the elderly out of loneliness, which in some countries, such as Japan, is a mass and sweeping phenomenon,” said Triantafylllou in an official press statement. “Beyond this, another driving force was my desire to pay tribute to the generation populated by our grandmothers and grandfathers, who raised us, and whom we watched decline, and—beautifully, painfully—fall.”

“Inland” will be presented at the Stavros Niarchos Hall through July 13, 2022.