Göteborg Opera to Present New Production of ‘Platée’

By David Salazar

Göteborg Opera is set to present Rameau’s “Platée” in a new production by Andreas Kriegenburg.

The new take on the Rameau work will open on March 16 and runs through April 18, 2024. It stars Kristian Lindroos, Wiktor Sundqvist, Carolina Sandgren, Hannes Öberg, Mia Karlsson, Anders J Dahlin, Mattias Ermedahl, Sofie Asplund, and Ann-Kristin Jones.

Kriegenburg’s production will feature set design by Harald Thor, costume design by Tanja Hofmann, choreography by Sofia Nappi, and lighting design by Andreas Grüter.

“Platée, the eponymous protagonist of Rameau’s baroque opera, wants nothing more than to belong to the greater community but is mocked in the cruellest way,” said Henning Ruhe, the Artistic Director of Göteborg Opera.