Goldsmiths’ Hall Previews ‘Zarqa Al Yamama’

By David Salazar

On Feb. 15, 2024, London’s Goldsmiths’ Hall unveiled “Zarqa Al Yamama,” the first Grand Opera produced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The event featured sopranos Amelia Wawrzon and Sawsan Albahiti previewing moments from the opera by composer Lee Bradshaw.

There was also a speech by Daniele Finzi Pasca, who will direct and produce the work. Also in attendance was His Highness Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, The Minister of Culture for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who opened the event with a speech of his own.

‘’We are proud to unveil the legend of Zarqa Al Yamama in London, recognized around the world as a leading city for international arts and culture, and are excited to welcome global audiences to Riyadh this April for the premiere of the Opera,” said Sultan Al-Bazie, CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Commission, per an official press release. “Performances like these will inspire the creation of even more spectacular productions and the dawn of more Saudi works to be produced.”

The opera is set to premiere in April 2024.