Glyndebourne’s Managing Director to Retire

By David Salazar

Glyndebourene has announced that its Managing Director Sarsh Hopwood is set to retire next autumn following a career of 25 years with the company.

Hopwood was at the forefront of the initiative to have the company invest in its intellectual property and expanding its reach to new audiences worldwide. She was among the leaders of the construction of the Production Hub. She has also enabled the development of the Glyndebourne Academy, which has focused on the yiunger generation of opera performers and lovers.

”Glyndebourne has been an extraordinary professional home for me for the last 25 years, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate that my passion for opera and music has defined my career, and created one of the best jobs in the world,” Hopwood said in an official press statement. “I’m exceedingly proud of what Glyndebourne has achieved. I have always seen it as my responsibility to ensure that we have the talent, the technology, and the funding to deliver on our world-class artistic ambition. I could not have done my job without the unwavering support and partnership of Gus, our outstanding staff team and the remarkably talented Board of Trustees. I leave Glyndebourne in very capable hands, to write the next exciting chapter, and feel very honoured to be able to continue supporting such a wonderful organisation in the future.”

Hopwood is expected to stay on with the company as a Trustee of the Board.

Gus Christie, Executive Chairman, added, “Sarah has been an extraordinary driving force behind Glyndebourne’s success, and an incredibly highly valued business partner to me personally and professionally. We acknowledge and sincerely thank Sarah for her strategic leadership, unrivalled financial stewardship, wisdom, and empathy. With our shared values and beliefs, and an unwavering commitment to both our employees and our members, she has fearlessly navigated the challenging and uncharted waters of recent times, leaving us in a stronger, more resilient position than anyone could have ever hoped.”