German Government Increases Aid For Culture

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(© Prof. Monika Grütters/ Elke A. Jung-Wolff / Deutscher Bundestag)

German Minister for Culture Monika Grütters has announced that the German federal government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel will substantially increase the aid for the embattled culture sector in Germany.

Angela Merkel is leading a coalition government between her own Christian Democrats and Social democrats. Per Grütters’ words, another package was needed because of the second lockdown in Germany, which started in early November 2020. Before the second lockdown, the federal government had launched its own program worth one billion euros. This has now been increased by another billion euros.

Grütters sees a positive signal in the new federal aid for the cultural scene. It was above all a sign of appreciation and encouragement for the artists, said Grütters.

“We have now also recognized gaps,” added German Minister for Culture.

Most recently, around 34,000 applications for help in the 60 sub-programs for culture were received. Around a third of these applications have been approved.