Fresh Squeezed Opera to Showcase ‘Second Chances Showcase’

By David Salazar

Fresh Squeezed Opera is set to present “Second Chances Showcase: An Evening of Renewal” on Nov. 3, 2023 at the 23rd Street Complex in New York City.

Per an official press statement, “we combed through past calls for scores, looking for deserving pieces that we simply did not have room to program previously. We selected four incredible pieces that we know you are going to love!”

Audiences will hear music by Ellen Ruth Harrison, Katherine E. Benson, Alicec Ping Yee Ho, and Allen Shearer.

Among the featured vocal performers are Erinn Sensening, Emily Hughes, Rachel Mikol, and Anne Fuchs. Markus Kaitila accompanies on the piano. Also on the program are pianist Alice Jones and violinist Veronica Riner.