Fresh Squeezed Opera Company Announces New ‘Showcase’ For November

By David Salazar

Fresh Squeezed Opera Company is slated to do a “Showcase” on Nov. 2, 2017, which will feature a number of new songs and arias.

Per a press released, the performance will feature such pieces as “Epitaphs” (World Premiere) by Marcus Maroney, “Leda Songs” (U.S. Premiere) by Monica Pearce, “Body Maps” by Paola Prestini, “Random Blackouts I” by Dr. Greg A. Steinke, and “The Gorgeous Nothings” by Ingrid Stölzel.

Soprano Maggie Finnegan and cellist Maureen Kelly will perform “Body Maps.” Meanwhile other performers include Walter Aparicio (piano), Lee Braun(oboe), Shane Brown (baritone), Denise Crawfort (soprano), Christine Duncan (mezzo soprano), Maria Hadge (cello), Jane Hoffman (soprano), Sean Patrick Jernigan(baritone), Eric Lemmon (viola), Victoria Lewis (violin), Jonathan Lowery (clarinet/bass clarinet), Barbara Porto (soprano), and Sugar Vendil (piano).

Fresh Squeezed Opera  was founded in 2013 to provide “composers with a platform to present their new music, specifically focusing on vocal works and fully-staged opera.” In its five years since the organization has presented over 25 composers’ works.