France to Provide Support for Artists & Institutions Disrupted by Coronavirus

By Francisco Salazar

The Minister of Culture of France, Franck Riester, has announced a $22 million emergency fund to rescue those working the arts due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The fund will be divided up in the following manner: $10 millones will be given to music while $5 million for theater, and $2 million for visual arts.

The minister announced that this was just the first measure being taken with regards to dealing with the crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, he noted that the country was working on other means to help ensure that cultural institutions would survive into the future.

The report comes after Germany vowed to support all cultural institutions. Last week German Culture Minister Monika Grütters announced that the German government will help cultural institutions and artists who have suffered major financial disruption as a result of cancellations made for coronavirus precautions.