Florentine Opera Announces Cast Change for ‘María de Buenos Aires’

By Francisco Salazar

The Florentine Opera has announced a cast change for its production of “María de Buenos Aires.”

The company took to social media and said, “Exciting News for ‘María de Buenos Aires!’ Catalina Cuervo, who was initially set to grace the stage as María, will no longer be able to perform in the upcoming production due to an exciting new chapter in her life. We are overjoyed for Catalina and her family as they embark on this beautiful journey, and we send them all our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.”

The company added, “In light of this change, we are delighted to introduce you to the incredibly talented Solange Merdinian, who will be stepping into the role – one she is very familiar with as she made her debut in Kentucky AND THEN Fort Worth AND THEN Atlanta and if that wasn’t enough she also made a new production debut at one of the main theaters in Argentina! Solange is a dynamic American-Armenian-Argentinean singer, bringing a unique blend of cultural influences and a powerhouse voice to the stage reprising her role of María. With Solange as our María, we are confident that our production will continue to shine brightly and we look forward to sharing an incredible evening of music and storytelling with you.”

Merdinian is set to join a cast that includes Blas Canedo González and Gustavo Feulien. Pablo Zinger conducts the production by Tomer Zvulun.

“María de Buenos Aires” is set to be performed on May 17 and 19, 2024.