Five Boroughs Music Festival to Showcase ‘ChamberQUEER 2023: We Refract’ This June

By David Salazar

Five Boroughs Music Festival will co-present “ChamberQUEER 2023: We Refract” this June.

As part of Pride Month, the festival will showcase three performances; first up will be one at Littlefield in Brooklyn on June 9 followed by a showcase at Redeye in Manhattan on June 10. The final showcase, set for June 11, will take place at Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at Snug Harbor on Staten Island.

Performers include vocalists Aviva Jaye, Brian Mummert, and Rajna Swaminathan, as well as instrumentalists Jules Biber, Alexis C. Lamb, Darian Donovan Thomas, and Yoshi Weinberg.

Per an official press release, the showcase “meditates on questions that strike at the heart of the ensemble’s commitment to building queer communities: How does navigating a life outside of heteronormativity impact one’s relationships? How does it shape understanding of one’s own identity? And how can music express and communicate these experiences? To respond to these questions, these seven artists have crafted a musical experience blossoming from queer collectivity. This celebration of Pride Month gives new voice to queer musical icons past and present, honors the power of music created in the room, and provides space for the audience to help weave a sonic tapestry of queer community.”