Five Amazing Things About Thomas Hampson You Didn’t Know

By David Salazar

Thomas Hampson, born on June 28, is one of the great American singers of the past few decades. He has dominated many of the famed baritone roles, constantly expanding his own limits of what many have thought possible.

But Hampson’s career has not been limited to what he can do in the opera house or concert hall. He has sought other ways of sharing his talents and artistry in ways that few other artists in history have. Here is a look at how Hampson has shaped his extra-opera world.


The baritone is a noted intellectual, his well of knowledge profound and ever-fascinating. Hampson has written perhaps the most fascinating essay on the Marquis de Posa in Verdi’s “Don Carlo.” He has also written extensively on art song.

Song of America

In 2009, the baritone created in order to give American Song a home that people could explore. The interactive database not only details information on American song, but offers an all-encompassing learning experience filled with audio tracks, essays, and other instructive activities. There are even sample lesson plans and classroom activities for instructors.

Lied Academy

The art song has been a major part of Hampson’s career and it is no surprise that he has sought out ways to expand its importance to future generations. The Academy is a part of Heidelberger Frühling Festival which features major artists every single year.

Distance Learning Voice Master Class

The event, which takes place annually at the Manhattan School of Music, may seem like yet another component of Hampson’s teaching, but the importance of this endeavor is his interest in pushing the technological boundaries to reach out across the globe.

Fusion Journey

The opera singer was featured on the CNN series where he headed over to Durban to learn more about folk music in the region. This particular series emphasized Hampson’s expansive nature and tremendous wealth of knowledge and exploration.



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