Enigma Chamber Opera to Present ‘The Burning FIery Furnace’

By Francisco Salazar

The Boston and Glasgow-based Enigma Chamber Opera is set to present Benjamin Britten’s “The Burning Fiery Furnace.”

The Boston performances are set to take place on Feb. 16 and 17, 2023. The opera is based on an Old Testament biblical story, “Furnace,” which tells of three Israelites exiled to Babylon who are upheld as intellectuals by ruler Nebuchadnezzar, but undermined by an ideological astrologer who predicts death for anyone not worshiping a Golden Idol.

This will mark Enigma’s third and final production of Britten’s three 1960s  “church parable” operas. The company previously staged “Curlew River” and “The Prodigal Son.”