Emerging Artists Theatre to Present Felix Jarrar’s ‘Mother Goose’

By David Salazar

Emerging Artists Theatre is set to present Felix Jarrar’s “Mother Goose” at the TADA! Theater in New York on Oct. 5 and 6.

The opera, which had its world premiere in late 2019, tells the story of Leonora Goosling, the keeper of the Mother Goose Inn and Suites, and her unique guests from numerous famed fairy tales.

The opera will be directed by long-time Jarrar collaborator Bea Goodwin and stars Allison Gish in the title role, Andrew Dwan as the Fairy Godmother, Marques Hollie as the evil witch Gnat, Eugenia Forteza as the Ugly Duckling, Stephanie Feigenbaum as Oscar the Fox, Joanie Brittingham as Princess Talia, Victoria Davis as Princess Elesbian Beth Todger Dodger, and Mikayla Petrilla s the Mother Goose Inn and Suites Maid.

Both performances kick off at 7 p.m. local time.