‘El Pescador De Perlas’ To Be Filmed In Burgos Next Summer

By Nicole Kuchta

According to Platea Magazine, a new film about the life of Rubén Amoretti, titled “El pescador de perlas,” will be shot in the singer’s hometown of Burgos over the summer of 2020.

Directed by Alejandro Toledo with screenplay by Gregory Jordan, the film will include scenes shot at important locations, such as the Teatro Principal.

Amoretti himself will not star in the film. Though a name has not been revealed, it has been stated that the lead role will be played by an important Spanish actor.

COPE has shared that the film will focus on the unusual story of Amoretti’s transition from tenor to bass as a result of a disease which affected his vocal chords, and his subsequent journey of self-improvement. The budget for the film is around three-million Euros, though the team is still “talking to investors.”