Ekaterina Gubanova & Liudmyla Monastyrska Send Message of Peace at Teatro San Carlo

By Francisco Salazar

On Feb. 26, the Teatro Carlo ended its run of “Aida” with a sign that music can unite.

At the end of the performance, Ukrainian soprano Liudmyla Monastyrska and Russian mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Gubanova hugged in front of the audience as they took their curtain calls.

The symbolic gesture was a message of peace, which the two artists wanted to send to the world. In the audience, many screamed “pace!” as the two embraced.

Monatstyrska and Gubanova have shared the stage on various occasions at the Metropolitan Opera and Wiener Staatsoper.

Since the war broke out on Feb. 23, Monastyrska spoke to La Repubblica in Italy and condemned the actions of Putin. She also noted that as a Ukrainian citizen she does not know where she will go as she will not be able to be abroad for too long. When asked about singing with Gubanova and being cast alongside Anna Netrebko, the Ukrainian soprano noted that they had spoken very little of the subject but that they were all scared of the war.

Gubanova, who had been absent from social media for days, reposted the symbolic moment between Monastyrska and her and added, “Stop the War.”