Dutch National Opera Launches “Soft Valkyrie” Podcast: A Lighter Version of Wagner’s “Die Walküre”

By Chris Ruel
(Credit: David Kanaga, Jaap Dankert, Muhammad Desta Laksana, Danika Perkinson)

The Dutch National Opera launched a new podcast series, “Soft Valkyrie,” on June 3.

Presented by American composer and game designer David Kanaga, the episodic radio play presents Wagner’s “Die Walküre” in completely electronic form. The podcast is a production of Dutch National Opera, Holland Festival, and Staatsoper Hannover.

Billed as “intimate and lighter than the original,” on the company’s website, Kanaga divided each of “Die Walküre’s” three acts into several episodes, with the first four comprising the opera’s first act. Dutch National Opera will release subsequent episodes on June 10, 17, and 24.

Kanaga gathered a broad cross-section of artists for the production. “Soft Valkyrie” features classically trained singers such as Claron McFadden and Nadine Secunde alongside death metal Hungarian vocalist Atilla Csihar and Ghanian rapper Bryan the Mensah. Actor Stephen Fry narrates Wagner’s stage direction, placing the drama squarely in the imaginations of listeners.

The first episode of the podcast is available on Dutch National Opera’s website.