‘Dolores’ Wins West Edge Opera’s ‘Aperture’ Commission

By David Salazar

West Edge Opera has announced the commission of “Dolores” by Nicolas Lell Benavides and Marella Martin Koch.

The new opera, which explores the story of famed activist Dolores Huerta and the 24 hours that followed the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in Los Angeles, was the winner among eight finalists that participated in the company’s “Aperture” program over the past eight months.

“The project epitomizes the spirit of what ‘Aperture’ set out to be,” said West Edge Opera’s General Director Mark Streshinsky in a press release. “The subject is a hero that is perfect for an opera and the creators are at the beginning of their careers ready to jump onto the scene. The project was popular with our members who were frequently enthusiastic about it. We can’t wait to see how ‘Dolores’ comes together in the coming months as we look forward to its first outing live in a staged concert. As the writing progresses, members will be invited into the process every step of the way. Congratulations to the ‘Dolores’ team!’

“Dolores” will get a concert performance in the summer of 2023 while Benavides and Koch further develop the project.

The company also revealed that other “Aperture” participants will get future development opportunities.