Kunstfest Weimar to World Premiere Stewart Copeland & Jonathan Moore’s ‘Electric Saint’ in 2020

By David Salazar
(Credit: Caroline Heaney)

Stewart Copeland and Jonathan Moore’s latest opera “Electric Saint” is set for a world premiere in late 2020.

The opera, which will showcase the dramatic rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, is set to appear at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimer on Sept. 6, 2020 with a total of eight performances during the run.

This is the latest opera between the duo following “The Invention of Morel” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The work will not only highlight the famed competition between Edison and Tesla, but will also shine a spotlight on Tesla’s relationship to faith and the divine.

“We are proud to introduce this highly acknowledged and prolific creative duo—the legendary rock star Stewart Copeland and the librettist and director Jonathan Moore—to continental opera audiences,” said Rolf Hemke, Director of Kunstfest Weimar, in a press release. “They have chosen a theme which is emblematic of our time: dealing with the existential struggle of turbocapitalism against an altruistic attitude for the common good. We are proud to combine musical excellence with a thought-provoking, politically engaged staging to seduce new audiences to attend an exciting new piece of contemporary music theatre!”