Des Moines Metro Opera Announces Unique Collaboration For ‘Glory Denied’ Production

By David Salazar

The Des Moines Metro Opera is set to collaborate with the Iowa National Guard and Camp Dodge for a series of performances of “Glory Denied.”

The production, which takes place on Nov. 16, 17, and 18, will be fully produced at Camp Dodge with the Iowa National Guard providing consulting to the creative teams needs.

“The Iowa National Guard is committed to developing long lasting relationships with the communities in which we serve. We’re excited once again to host the Des Moines Metro Opera’s performance of Glory Denied, an opera about America’s longest-held Prisoner of War,” said Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Mills in a press release. “This is a great opportunity for our Soldiers and Airmen to invite our community to Camp Dodge and share an event focused on the arts.”

“The need to sing our stories to one another has been present throughout human history. What we ask our soldiers to do and how we receive them when they return home has been a perennial theme of these sung stories.” added Michael Egel, General and Artistic Director of Des Moines Metro Opera. “Continuing this collaboration with the Iowa Army National Guard, which began with Soldier Songs in 2017, has created an unexpected partnership that disrupts expectations about how artists create and audiences experience live performing arts.”

The production will star baritone Michael Mayes, Emma Grimsley, and John Riesen. Kristine McIntyre will direct. Joshua Horsch will conduct.