Definitive Turandot’s Robes Being Auctioned in U.K.

By David Salazar

Some of legendary opera star Dame Eva Turner’s garments are being auctioned in Salisbury, U.K.

The great diva is best-known for having performing the role of Puccini’s “Turandot” in 1926. During her time she earned the reputation of being a definitive interpretor of the role.

Per a press release, three 19th century Chinese robes and a circular peacock feather fan are being auctioned off at Woolley and Wallis, alongside a signed photograph of the dramatic soprano and two signed programs of her 90th birthday celebrations.

“Dame Eva had a great love of the flamboyant while still being very down at earth,” said head of Asian Art at Woolley and Wallis, John Axford. “Her favourite meal was said to be fish and chips, so despite performing across the globe in opera’s most famous roles, she never lost the common touch. It’s an honour to sell these robes that may very well have helped her to find inspiration with one of the parts that made her a household name.”