Deborah Voigt To Appear in Episode 11 of Online Opera ‘Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s Accuser’

By OperaWire

Opera star Deborah Voigt has always been one to dabble with unique projects throughout her career. She published an autobiography and was also one of the top hosts on the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD season. Now she will return to the screen, albeit a smaller one, for a made for TV-and-Online opera.

The soprano is slated to perform in “Vireo: The Spiritual Biography of a Witch’s Accuser.” The work, composed by Lisa Bielawa has already released two episodes that are available online. Each episodes lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. In May 2017, all 12 episodes of the series will be released nationwide via Link TV for free. The opera is the winner of the 2015 ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor / Vigil Thomsom Multimedia Award, which “recognizes books, articles and recording liner notes on the subject of music selected for their excellence. The Awards were established in 1967 to honor the memory of composer, critic and commentator Deems Taylor, who died in 1966 after a distinguished career that included six years as President of ASCAP.”

Voigt will be featured in episode 11, “Circus,” in a role written for her.

“Vireo” is an opera that delves into female hysteria through time and was based off of Bielawa’s research at Yale as a Literature major. The opera features arias for dying cows, infatuated students, disembodied ageless women and  plays with a variety of styles and genres throughout history.

Voigt has put together a fantastic international career, recently celebrating the 25th anniversary of her Metropolitan Opera debut. She has recorded a number of albums, including a Wagner: Love Duets set with Placido Domingo and even published a book in 2015 called “Call Me Debbie: Ture Confessions of a Down-To-Earth Diva.”