Death of Classical Unveils Lineup for ‘Tiergarten’

By David Salazar

Death of Classical has announced the cast, creative team, and program for “Tiergarten.”

The showcase, set for April 17-19, 2024, will feature music by Brecht & Weill, Marlene Dietrich, Vikki Carr, Frank Sinatra, Eden Ahbez, Kylie Minogue, Monteverdi, Dickinson, Renato Rascel, Byrd, Verdi, and others. Performers include Master of Ceremonies Kim David Smith, Aaron Reeder, Ariadne Grief, Luke Elmer, and Amara Granderson.

The production will also feature the participation of Foreshadow Puppetry, Pearls Daily, and dance duet LIana Zhen-ai and Dylan Contreras. The showcase is conceived, written, and directed by Andrew Ousley in his directorial debut.

“In recent years, I’ve developed a fascination for the moments in human history when the collective weight of our individual decisions either tipped humanity into darkness, or turned us toward something greater – the gathering clouds that enshrouded the crumbling Weimar Republic, the fierce sense of independence that simultaneously gave birth to the United States and American slavery, the zealous piety of the mob that both murdered and immortalized Jesus,” Ousley said in an official press release. “I believe that in these moments of fragile balance, our fate as a society is decided by the way that each of us responds to the situation that surrounds us – what we will and will not stand for, what we do and do not allow – and that is what I want to explore with ‘Tiergarten.’”