David Daniels Sued For Sexual Assault

By Francisco Salazar

David Daniels is being sued as he faces a second accusation of sexual assault.

Andrew Lipian, a former student of Daniels at the University of Michigan has filed a civil suit against Daniels and the school over an alleged incident in 2017.

According to Lipian, Daniels drugged and assaulted Lipian while he was pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Michigan. In his suit, the aspiring countertenor noted that Daniels, who was his mentor, “organized auditions for [him] with top-level conductors and agents visiting the university, and promised to connect him with his own manager and additional professional opportunities.”

According to the suit in March, “Daniels invited him over to his apartment to watch television, where he was served several drinks of bourbon. Then when Lipian tried to leave, saying he needed to return home to rest for a performance the following day, Daniels gave him what he said was a dose of Tylenol PM but was actually the sleep medication Ambien. Daniels then allegedly removed Lipian’s clothing and groped his genitals and face. The young singer also noted that Daniels would send him videos masturbating but he never responded to them.”

The lawsuit is also against the University, who he alleges knew but has not filed an investigation.

This is the third accusation that Daniels has received in the past months. Earlier in the summer, Samuel Schultz alleged he was raped by Daniels and his partner in 2010. A 19-year-old also reported to the University of Michigan police department that Daniels had solicited a sex act from him via the Grindr app.

Daniels has not commented on the matter and has taken a leave of absence from his post at UM.