David Daniels Faces New Sexual Misconduct Accusations

By Francisco Salazar

David Daniels is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a new investigation in Pittsfield Township, Michigan, a police report noted that Daniels improperly solicited a sex act from someone on the gay dating app Grindr back in February 2017. The police said in a statement, “We have submitted a report of an alleged incident that occurred in February 2017 involving an attempted solicitation of a sex act via social media app Grindr and use of a computer for a criminal act.”

The chief of police noted, “We’ve interviewed the victim but have not received contact from the suspect, David Daniels, after multiple attempts for a statement.” There were no details about the content given.

This is the second allegation against the famed countertenor. Last week baritone Samuel Schultz accused Daniels and his husband of drugging him and raping him after a performance at the Houston Grand Opera. Daniels and his husband Scott Walters have already denied those allegations. However, Daniels took a leave of absence from his position at the University of Michigan where he currently teaches.

Both cases are currently under investigation but no arrests have been made.