Danielle De Niese Questions Meghan Markle’s ‘Racism’ Comments in Interview

By David Salazar

Soprano Danielle De Niese has publicly spoken out against Meghan Markle’s comments on racism in Britain.

De Niese, whose parents are from Sri Lanka and has mixed European heritage, is married to Gus Christie, the executive chairman of Glyndebourne who comes from a white, upper-class British family.

“What I think is strange is to get your home country of America to say that the entire country of Britain is racist… I find that very unsettling,” De Niese told the Mail, per reports.”It’s not to say that racism isn’t everywhere, because it is, but I don’t think you can tar everyone with the same brush like that. To say a whole community of people are racist, that hasn’t been my experience.”

“When Meghan and Harry first came to public attention, everyone was super happy for them,” the soprano added. “’I feel like we’ll never really know why it went wrong. It’s a complex story.”

Markle and her husband Prince Harry have recently gone public about racism that Markle faced following the public announcement of their relationship; in interviews and on their Netflix docuseries, the two have placed a particular emphasis on the British tabloid press’ targeting and bullying of Markle and her family and the Royal Family’s refusal to intervene in any way.