DAMus Announces Upcoming July 2023 Performances

By David Salazar

The Department of Music at Universidad de las Artes (DAMus) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has revealed its upcoming slate of performances. Here is a rundown of the vocal performances.

First up is Charpentier’s “Les plaisirs de Versailles.”.

The opera will star Paloma Barrales, Guadalupe Bouza, Julia Bailey, Constanza Salas, Andrés Pinto, and Lucas Somacal. Andrés Gerszenzon conducts while Rodrigo Meléndez Aquino directs.

A lot of mystery surrounds the opera. The librettist is unknown and the cast of the opening performance,  which was premiered at the apartments of Louis XIV in 1682, is also unknown. Each of the characters represents the titular pleasures including Conversation, Gambling, Music, and Pleasure.

Performance Date: July 8, 2023

Next up is a vocal concert featuring singers working under Marta Blanco. Those artists will be accompanied by Verónica Luchetta and Santiago Torricelli.

Performance Date: July 12, 2023