Dallas Symphony Orchestra to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg With World Premiere by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

By David Salazar

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will present a concert honoring the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The concert, set to take place on Oct. 7, 2021, will feature the world premiere of a new work by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich. The work includes texts by Lauren K. Watel and will feature mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves and pianist Jeffrey Biegel, who conceived the idea for the commission back in Oct. 2020.

“The movement titles: Act I, Act II, and Act III reflect the 3 stages in the voyage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s remarkable professional life,” said Zwilich in program notes for the work. “Act I is about her arrival at that metaphorical house with dropped ceilings, bolted doors, women in corners and on pedestals… Act II is about her actively taking on the problems of that metaphorical house, from tearing down the dropped ceilings to helping women come down from pedestals. Act II highlights her continuing drive to make things better for all. Act III is about her legacy. 

“Writing this has been a moving experience for me as I traveled metaphorically on the passionate voyage of her life,” Taaffe Zwilich concludes.