‘Coraline’ Composer Announces That He is Done With Opera

By David Salazar

It seems that composer Mark Anthony Turnage is done with opera. 

The composer, seemingly enraged by the critical response to his new work “Coraline” stated on Twitter that he would no longer work in the genre. 

His ire was mainly aimed at Hugh Canning, critic for the Sunday Times as Turnage threw a pointed tweet in his direction.

“Don’t worry Hugh. There will be no further operas by me that you will ever have to sit through again. I’m done with the genre. Going to leave it my more talented contemporaries and younger colleagues,” the composer tweeted on Saturday.

Canning responded noting that he was a big fan of Turnage’s earlier pieces and even offered up some advice on fixing his current work. 

“Can I suggest a few cuts in Act 1 & a sprinkling of fairy-dust on the orchestration?” Canning wrote. 

Turnage is best-known for his opera “Anna Nicole,” though he has also written such works as “Greek,” “Twice Through the Heart,” and “The Silver Tassie.”