Conductor & Pianist Naomi Woo Awarded Virginia Parker Award by Canada Council of Arts

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Canada Council of Arts awarded the Virginia Parker Award to conductor and pianist Naomi Woo.

The Council gives the annual award to a classical vocalist, instrumentalist, or conductor who has contributed to artistic life in Canada and internationally. Recipients must be younger than 32-years-old and show exceptional talent, artistic excellence, and musical mastery receive a $25,000 prize.

This year’s winner, Woo, has a Ph.D. from Cambridge University and has studied mathematics, philosophy, and music at Yale School of Music and the University of Montreal. Woo is considered a rising star within  Canada’s classical music scene.

Woo currently serves as the Assistant Conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and is a member of Tapestry Opera’s Women in Music Leadership program at Montreal’s Orchestre Métropolitain’s inaugural Conducting Academy. Woo is the first female conductor to receive the award since the award’s inception in 1984,