Composer Nathan Felix to Premiere Immersive Operetta ‘Rivers Unite: Divide’

By Logan Martell

On October 28, 2021, composer Nathan Felix will present his new operetta, titled “Rivers Unite: Divide.”

This new work explores subjects such as re-appropriation, as well as borderlands and rivers as cultural and territorial boundaries. Held at the High Line Nine gallery in Chelsea, this one-time performance will unfold in various spaces and galleries within the location, immersing the audience within the drama.

The work seeks to blur the lines between performers and the audience as they move about the galleries; while the audience is encouraged to follow the soloists throughout the performance, they are given the freedom to explore the site as they like.

The cast features soprano Celeste Morales, mezzo Kathleen Shelton, baritone Phillip Bullock, and tenor Joseph Sacchi. Conducted by Dmitry Glivinskiy, the chamber ensemble features Sana Nagano and Heather Wallace on strings.