Climate Activists Protest Concert at Concertgebouw Amsterdam

By Francisco Salazar

On Nov. 2 during a performance at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, climate activists protested the Holland government.

During a performance of the Verdi Requiem by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, three activists started shouting that they were protesting the government’s insistence on using fossil fuels.

They shouted, “We are in the middle of a climate crisis and we are like the orchestra on the Titanic that keeps playing quietly while the ship is already sinking.”

A few minutes later they were escorted out of the auditorium and conductor Claus Peter Flor continued the performance of the Requiem.

According to reports, the protest did not ruin the evening as the performance garnered a seven-minute standing ovation at the end of the night.

Carmela Remigio, Anna Bonitatibus, Carlo Allemano, and Fabrizio Beggi were the soloists. The orchestra and soloists continue their tour of the Verdi Requiem in Barcelona and Madrid this week.