Christian Thielemann Appointed Honorary Member of Wiener Staatsoper

By Francisco Salazar
(© Wiener Staatsoper / Michael Pöhn)

Christian Thielemann has been appointed an honorary member of the ⁦Wiener Staatsoper. 

The conductor was honored on Oct. 14, 2023, following a performance of Strauss’ “Die Frau ohne Schatten.”

The honor was given by the State Opera’s Director Bogdan Roščić, after which Theresia Niedermüller, head of the art and culture section at the BMKÖS, presented the conductor with the corresponding certificate.

Additionally, Thielemann received the Ring of Honor from the jeweler Wagner.

In a statement Roščić said, “As always, when an honorary membership finds the right recipient, it is, so to speak, only officially stating what we have all felt here at the house for a long time. Christian Thielemann has had a very special place at the State Opera for many years and is connected to it in a special way – not least through his close relationship with the orchestra, both on the most important concert stages in the world and in the pit of the opera itself. We have something in common There’s still a lot to do and so I’m looking forward to more memorable performances with Christian Thielemann.”

Thielemann added, “There is hardly any other opera house with which I am as closely connected as with the Vienna State Opera. I experienced incomparable evenings there. I feel very honored to now receive honorary membership and the Ring of Honor for my work.”