Chevalier de Saint-Georges Film Lands Distributor, Writer & Director

By Francisco Salazar

The upcoming biopic based on the life of Chevalier de Saint-Georges will be released and financed by Searchlight Pictures.

The new film, which was an original feature pitch from Stefani Robinson, will be directed by Stephen Williams.

Variety reported that the Disney-owned Searchlight will finance and distribute the project and will be overseen by senior vice president of production DanTram Nguyen, director of production Zahra Phillips and manager Cornelia Burleigh.

The news comes after early reports had Kelvin Harrison Jr. attached to star in the title role. The actor told Collider, “I’m so grateful. I am so excited. The script is stunning. It’s stunning and Steven Williams our director is an incredible human. He’s so smart and the process so far, I don’t start shooting until three months from now, but the prep right now is just crazy! I have to learn how to fence, I’m in violin lessons right now and supposed to be practicing four hours a day – supposed to be. [Laughs] It’s a lot that comes with it, but it is very exciting and just learning about this man and embodying this man right now has been such a gift to me and I’m sure everyone’s gonna love this movie. And it’s just gonna be a great history lesson.”

Chevalier de Saint-Georges was a French classical composer, virtuoso violinist, a conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris, and a renowned champion fencer. He wrote numerous symphonies, concertos, and operas, including “L’Amante Anonyme.”

Williams has directed “Soul Survivor,” “The Americans,” “The Walking Dead,” “Ray Donovan” “Watchman, and “Westworld.” Meanwhile, Robinson has worked on “What We Do in the Shadows,” “Fargo” and “Atlanta.” “Chevalier” marks her feature writing debut.