Charles Dutoit Cleared Of Sexual Harassment Claims In Montreal

By Francisco Salazar

The investigation against Charles Dutoit’s alleged sexual harassment has concluded.

According to CBC, the investigation by the Montreal Symphony against Dutoit found that there was not enough proof to against the conductor. Earlier this year two members of the orchestra accused the conductor of sexual misconduct but failed to press charges.

According to a statement OSM’s internal investigators, “After having met or communicated with the complainants, the independent investigator didn’t obtain sufficient information relating to allegations of sexual harassment.”

The OSM also noted recommended to “both tighten the terms and broaden the scope of the institution’s policy on workplace harassment.”

Dutoit was accused of sexual harassment last year causing numerous orchestra to severe ties with the conductor. Orchestras in Boston, San Francisco, and Sydney canceled engagements with the conductor and Dutoit withdrew his services from concerts with classical orchestras in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland.