‘Ceux qui m’aiment’ Event To Pay Homage to Patrice Chéreau

By David Salazar

Legendary director Patrice Chéreau will be memorialized on Nov. 7, 2018, in a performance by Pascal Greggory, his former lover and creative partner.

The showcase, entitled “Ceux qui m’aiment,” will feature live performances of letters and texts by the famed auteur. Per a press release, there will be a look at Chéreau’s legendary 1976 Ring cycle and his directorial choices for the iconic production.

It is set to take place at the French Institute Alliance Francaise on East 60th Street in New York.

“Patrice Chéreau is a part of my life. He brought me seriousness, made me learn the effort of working, opened the doors of intelligence, and the secret worlds of the great creators to me,” Pascal Greggory wrote per the release. “I would like this reading to be both intimate and universal. From letters that he wrote to me (we wrote a lot of letters) to his texts on his stage direction, his theatrical and cinematic thoughts. That is what I want the audience to discover.”

Jean-Pierre Pancrazi will direct with lighting engineered by Dominique Bruguière. Anne Louise Trividic is the dramaturg for the project.