Central City Opera Announces Events to Support LGBTQ+ Community

By David Salazar

Central City Opera has announced a series of LGBTQ+ events for June and July.

The company will present “Art Song Colorado” at St. Andrew United Methodist Church.

The showcase will feature John Seesholtz and Melissa Lubecke with Mallory Bernstein at the piano.

Performance Date: June 11, 2022 

Next up will be a panel for “Two Remain.” John Seesholtz will moderate a panel featuring Anna Simon. The presentation will focus on the new work by Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer, which will be presented during the company’s 2022 season. Audiences will also get a chance to hear some  excerpts from the work as presented by Sean Stanton and pianist Michael Baitzer.

Performance Date: June 12, 2022

Next up is Central City “Pride Day” which will include a performance of “The Light in the Piazza,” a performance of “Two Remains” and several other events in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Performance Date: July 16, 2022