‘Carmina Burana’ by La Fura dels Baus and the South Netherlands Philharmonic To Highlight Festival Cultura Nova

By Francisco Salazar

In collaboration with IBA Parkstad, the Cultura Nova festival, and Parkstad Limburg Theaters, the South Netherlands Philharmonic will present “Carmina Burana” by La Fura dels Baus in the Beaujean sand quarry in Heerlen (NL) at Festival Cultura Nova.

Performances are scheduled for Saturday, August 25 and 26 in a spectacular open-air performance venue under the direction of Carlus Padrissa, the Catalan director of La Fura dels Baus.  The production by Padrissa will showcase “Carmina Burana” as an intense musical theater performance with the audience immersed in a universe full of striking images and special effects. Among the many visual splendors, the production will include a huge cylinder covered in tulle that literally surrounds the orchestra and acts as a cinema screen, while images projected on it illustrate Orff’s hymn to Fortuna, the goddess of luck, fate, and fortune, from start to finish.

The oratorio will include a 90-piece orchestra and a 90-voice choir.  Spanish conductor Josep Vicent leads the orchestra soloists, which include soprano Amparo Navarro, countertenor Jordi Domenech, baritone Toni Marsol, and actress Luca Espinosa. There will also be 12 dances from the Limburg House of Arts.