CamerataWorks Releases Latest Episode of Opera Short Film [Watch]

By David Salazar

New Camerata Opera’s production company CamerataWorks has released its latest short film, which is a prequel to a previous project.

“The Prince von Pappenschmear: A Prequel” comes over one year after the first episode of the opera series entitled “The Prince von Pappenschmear: Chapter One.” The works are written by composer Peter Engelbert and librettist Adam Laten Willson specifically for this project.

The two were approached by CamerataWorks and the “result was a three-episode series based on an historical gynecologist who happened to be Jewish, working in Berlin in 1936,” Tenor Erik Bagger, who is also in charge of CamerataWorks, told OperaWire. “He was known for his research into sexual function and behavior. Many Nazi wives were patients of this doctor, and Adam and Peter thought it would make for an intriguing operatic tale if a fictional Nazi husband ‘infiltrated’ the doctor’s lab, posing as a new patient. Ultimately, the doctor and his female colleagues and patients in the waiting room would have the last laugh.”

Check out the two episodes below!