C.A.S.A. Launches Initiative to Find Funds Tuition-Free Music Programs

By David Salazar

The Asociación Civil Centro Artístico Solidario Argentino (C.A.S.A.) has initiated a campaign to open up three locales for its free music education programs.

Since 2012, C.A.S.A. has provided children Bajo Flores and Villa Soldati in Buenos Aires with music classes. The program includes a week of orchestral school in addition to the Festival de Ópera Villera. The program has helped many students with developing their skills so that they can apply for conservatory and other artistic institutions.

In past years, the program has been supported by state funding, but things have changed this year following the recent presidential election which has seen the closure of numerous state-funded programs. As such, C.A.S.A. finds itself in need of 100 subscribers to bring in $1,700 ARS each ($2 USD approximately) to allow the institutions to continue this March.

You can support the program here.