Boston Lyric Opera to Present ‘Blythely Ever After’

By Francisco Salazar

The Boston Lyric Opera is set to present “Blythely Ever After.”

The concert, which showcases mezzo-soprano Stephanie Blythe as her tenor alter ego Blythely Oratonio, will be performed on May 6 at Royale Nightclub with Philadelphia-based drag artist Sapphira Cristál opening.

Blythe will don a beard and rock Wagnerian glam and will perform opera, pop and rock ‘n’ roll to create a story alternately hilarious and moving.

Blythe’s characterization of Oratonio began as a fundraiser for Opera Philadelphia in 2018 but developed into a full-length show that’s become part autobiographical, part operatic trope send-up, and part comment on an industry reckoning with its domination for centuries by music from dead men about dying women.