BBC Singers Saved from Chopping Block

Alternative Funding Keeps the Famed Ensemble Singing

By Chris Ruel

The BBC Singers are off the budget chopping block, for now.

In a statement published on the BBC website, the BBC stated that several organizations proposed alternative funding.

“We have agreed with the Musicians’ Union that we will suspend the proposal to close the BBC Singers, while we actively explore these options. If viable, these alternative options would secure the future of the ensemble,” the BBC wrote.

The statement noted, “The BBC still needs to make savings and still plans to invest more widely in the future of choral singing across the UK.

Backlash from the UK and international classical music community at the proposed axing of the 100-year-old choral group was strong, swift, and relentless, with high-powered industry names expressing their outrage and dismay. The heat on the BBC grew when word got out that the ensemble was to be disbanded just before Proms.

In its statement, the BBC confirmed that the Singers will be appearing at Proms.

Cuts to the BBC Orchestras are still on the table, however the Musicians and BBC Unions are continuing to talk.

A petition to save the Singers has garnered nearly 150,000 signatures at the time of this writing and these continue rolling in.