Bayreuth Festival’s Katharina Wagner Battling Long-Term Illness

By David Salazar

The Bayreuth Festival has revealed that Katharina Wagner will no longer continue as its director for the time being due to a long-term illness.

Per reports, Holger von Berg, managing director of the Bayreuth Festival, will take over alongside Heinz-Dieter Sense, the former director of commerce.

“Katharina Wagner was ill for a long time and could not hold her position as director of the Bayreuth Festival ‘until further notice,’ announced the festival on Monday. The operation of the festival will continue to be ensured by a temporary solution,” said the Festival’s full statement.

Katharina Wagner is the great-granddaughter of the famed composer Richard Wagner. She started her career as a director, mounting many of her famed ancestor’s work at the festival before eventually taking over the leadership of the festival alongside her half-sister Eva Wagner-Pasquier in 2008.

Eventually, in 2015, she became the sole general director of the company and had a contract extension through 2025.