Bayreuth Festival Next Ring Cycle to Be Like Netflix Series

By Francisco Salazar

With anticipation building for the new Ring Cycle at the Bayreuth Festival this summer, director Valentin Schwarz has dropped details about the upcoming production.

In an interview with the German Press Agency, the director said that he is planning the next Bayreuth Ring as a Netflix series.

He added, “The fact that the ‘Ring’ in Bayreuth will be performed in its entirety within just one week gives us the opportunity to show a family epic in a four-part series format and to follow these characters in their circumstances and omissions through the course of time.”

He noted that he wants to tell a story about today’s people, today’s figures, today’s problems and as a result, “Das Rheingold,” the first part of the tetralogy will be the “pilot” that raises many questions, teases many things and makes you excited about what is to come.