Bayerische Staatsoper Extends Music Director & General Director’s Contract

By Francisco Salazar

The Bayerische Staatsoper has announced the extension of its Intendant and General Generalmusikdirektor.

The company noted that Bayerische Staatsoper’s Generalmusikdirektor Vladimir Jurowski will extend his contract until 2028 with an option to renew for a further year and Intendant Serge Dorny will renew his contract until 2031.

In a statement, Dorny said, “I would like to thank Minister of State Blume for the trust he has placed in me and for the many intensive discussions we have had over the last few months. These discussions showed that our vision for the future of the Bavarian State Opera is very similar. I am therefore delighted to have been given the task of continuing and developing the artistic vision of recent years for a further five years beyond 2026. Together with Vladimir Jurowski as General Music Director, Laurent Hilaire as Ballet Director and the outstanding staff on and behind the stage, I am looking forward to making the Bavarian State Opera an opera house of the future: an opera house that simultaneously preserves its tradition and allows experiments such as the “Ja, Mai” festival; an opera house that continues to open itself up to society in order to remain socially relevant in the future.”

Jurowski added, “The Bavarian State Orchestra is not only one of the oldest, but undoubtedly one of the best orchestras in the world. I am delighted to be able to continue working with this unique collective in the orchestra pit and on the concert stage in the coming years. It is still important to preserve tradition, to make the present a topic of conversation and thus to set the course for an artistically vibrant future for the orchestra. But I am also delighted, as General Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera, one of the most successful opera houses in the world, to continue to work closely with the house’s other musical collectives, the choir, the soloist ensemble, the musical department, the director and all other trades. Together, as in previous years, we will bring extraordinary and remarkable productions to the stage in the National Theater and all other venues of the Bavarian State Opera.”

The company also renewed Ballet director Laurent Hilaire’s contract.