Bavaria’s Prime Minister Announces Stimulus Plan for the Arts & Culture

By David Salazar

Markus Söder, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, has officially established his plan to help the arts and culture in the region, offering up between 90 to 200 million euros of support.

Per Platea Magazine, the Prime Minister made his intentions known during a press conference on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

Additionally, he laid out a plan to reopening several theaters and cultural institutions through Bavaria, including the Bayerische Staatsoper. However, he did note that there would be continued prudency and precaution employed in this process. While he expects some institutions to be able to open at the end of the summer, it is also likely that several will not open until the fall.

Several European countries are starting to reopen their countries and enter a new phase in the relationship with the COVID-19 crisis. The Opera di Roma is set to present a production this summer, though it seems wary of opening the fall slate on time. The Teatro alla Scala is set to reopen in the fall, but has altered its production slate to accommodate the circumstances. Meanwhile, some festivals Austria and Spain are slated to open this summer.